Casper Ekart : Your Gateway to Efficient Delivery Management

If you place orders online on a regular basis, you have undoubtedly heard about Casper Ekart. Businesses, merchants, and online sellers may get assistance with their delivery processes from Casper Ekart, an e-commerce logistics and technology platform. Let’s look into the main functions, login, and more details of the platform.

Known About Casper Ekart

An e-commerce logistics platform called Casper Ekart is a technical platform developed by Ekart Logistics. This people management platform was developed to enhance employee management and speed up various HR-related tasks. After reading this, you ought to know a lot about Casper Ekart.

Features of Casper Ekart

In this section, we’ll go over some of the capabilities that Casper Ekart, developed by Ekart Logistics, offers. To learn more about them, read the entire tale.

  1. Cost management: Employees of Casper find it simpler to get compensation for costs related to their work because they may electronically submit their cost claims. Additionally, this feature encourages effective tracking of expenditures and transparency.
  2. Leave Management: Employees may simply request leaves and monitor the amount of time they have left with the platform. This function makes the process of approving leaves faster and guarantees that employees are managed properly while on leave.
  3. Performance management: Managers may set goals for their team members’ performance and monitor their progress using Casper. It also makes it easier for individual performance to be in line with the business’s overall objectives.
  4. Training Management: By giving its staff members access to training materials, the platform helps them advance their abilities. Employees may also monitor their training progress using Casper.

Process for Casper Ekart Login

If you want to login into the account, then you need to follow the given below step:-

  1. You may use this URL to get to the official website: or you can type Casper Ekart into a Google search to access it.
  2. The login page greets you as soon as you land on the website.
  3. Enter your password and username now.
  4. Click the login button after entering your login details.
  5. You may reset the password by contacting the website administrator.

How Do Ekart Logistics and Casper Ekart Operate?

customers who place purchases with onsite businesses and Ekart Logistics’ clients both benefit from last-mile delivery services. This is especially true for Flipkart, one of the largest online retailers in India. This is what happened:

  1. Order placement: A customer purchases something online from a Flipkart-like website.
  2. Order Processing: The e-commerce platform prepares an order for shipping once it has been processed.
  3. Pick-up: eKart’s delivery partners retrieve the packages from the warehouse of the e-commerce platform.
  4. Sorting: The package is sorted at Ekart’s distribution facilities before being sent to the nearest delivery partner.
  5. Delivery: The delivery partner comes to the customer’s door with the package. The eKart track service allows customers to know the status of their shipments in real time.
  6. Payment: Customers can pay online (UPI) or cash-on-delivery (a common practice in India) for their products.
  7. This is the systematic way that Flipkart and other online merchants receive services from Ekart Logistics.

Using the Ekart Tracking ID to Track order

If you must utilize Casper Ekart for package tracking, it is quite simple to track your delivery by following these steps. You may trace your package using the following methods on Ekart Logistics:

  1. You should go to, the official website of Ekart Logistics.
  2. The Ekart website will display a “Track Order” field once the tracking ID has been entered. Click “Track” once you’ve typed your tracking ID into the appropriate area.
  3. After that, you may check the Ekart tracking website for information on your cargo’s location, when it was picked up, sorted, and sent, as well as the time and date of its anticipated delivery.
  4. In addition to being able to view the package’s current position on a map, you may receive email or SMS updates on the locations of your cargo. By doing this, you will be able to use the Casper Ekart tracking number to follow your delivery.
  5. Now that you have a firm grasp on Ekart’s package tracking and logistics, it’s time to go over some commonly asked questions to help allay any last concerns you might have about the website.


Casper Ekart is an excellent platform that ensures timely product delivery and customer satisfaction. It is created by Ekart Logistics, which ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction and makes it easier to provide customer-focused services smoothly. This page includes a brief description of the platform, a rundown of some of its key functions, and further information on Ekart Logistics, the company that developed it.


Is it safe to use Ekart Logistics?

Yes, the platform is authentic and totally secure.

Who is the CEO of Ekart?

As CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy oversees Ekart.

When is the Ekart delivery time?

Ekart delivers packages between 8am and 8pm most of the time.

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