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At Wellhealthorganic.com we trust that nature has all the answers for taking care of skin. Have you been dealing with dark spots that seem to continue even after you have used so many creams in the market? There is no need to look further than your kitchen. Lemon juice is real, it is easily accessible and it is cheap. It can be your best reserved solution.

Natural Mixtures: How to Bleach In Your Skin with Lemon Juice.

2019 research by Oregon State University holds that lemon juice has skin-lightening effects and covers vitamin C that boosts the creation of collagen, exfoliates, and helps to prevent melanin production in our skin.

Another research approved out by Dr. Philipp Babilas from Regensburg University Hospital in Germany shows that Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are present in the lemon juices act as a scrub brush and aid in removing the topmost layer of dead cells that may cause fast in the dark spots at your face.

Vitamin C is also one of the best antioxidants that can be used for skin rebirth and may also be able to interfere with the production of melanin to give a brighter skin tone.

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How to use lemon on the face safely


Make sure you are giving the lemons as your skin care product or its ingredients such as. Sometimes it may irritate certain types of skin because of its acidic properties.

Do follow the steps below to check the lemon juice sensitivity for your.

Apply a small amount of the product to the inside of your elbow or the area behind your ear and leave for 30 minutes to see if there is any skin irritation after (Forearm). Wait 24 hours before taking it again especially if any side effects manifest. You should not apply if there is any rash or redness on the area of the patches.

Wellhealthorganic.Com Easily Remove Dark Spots Lemon Juice Remedies

1. Lemon and Honey Mask: Reclaim Your Glow:

The Power of a Natural Formula for Dark Spots. A clean food: Honey possesses antibacterial properties as it is mixed with the lightening effects of lemon juice to ensure clear skin.


Organic honey (1 tablespoon)

Half a fresh lemon and fresh lemon juice.

How to use:

First, one has to cleanse his / her face to ensure the face is free from makeup and other dirt.

Stir 1 teaspoon of organic honey in half a fresh lemon juice for better blending.

Mash on a teaspoon of the mixture and spread the paste gently across your face and neck leaving out the skin around the eyes.

Apply the mask for about 20 minutes at room temperature while the ingredients are working.

Rinse off the mask using lukewarm water followed up with one splash of cool water to close the pores.

Wring out the towel and gently pat the skin dry.

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2. Lemon Juice and Turmeric:

An attractive cocktail for mixtures against the dark spots on your skin. Another spice that has anti-inflammatory ability is turmeric. If you add the juice of lemon it can be a very helpful remedy for removing the problem of the black dots on our skin or face.


1 tablespoon turmeric powder

Other half is fresh lemon.

1 tablespoon honey (optional)

How to Use:

Cleanse your face thoroughly.

Combine turmeric powder and lemon juice and use this mixture to make the mask. Combine better using honey.

Simultaneously should be used to the face to be applicable on all areas with exception of the eyes.

Leave for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse off using lukewarm water.

Apply moisturizer.

3. Overnight Lemon Juice Treatment:

Advanced Dark Spot Reduction: Respecting the Intensive Care System.

Diluting lemon juice applied a little bit in the area that exhibits skin tint overnight may be an effective treatment.


Take out the necessary quantity; Place the required amount of cream under the desired skin area and apply it gently with the pressure rather than rubbing.

Once this settles, wash your face as usual.

Apply it once a day or maybe two times a day depending on how the skin reacts to the formula.

More Easily Remove Dark Spots Lemon Juice Mixtures for Dark Spots:

1. Aloe Vera Extract:

Aloe vera is a gel basis product, which has long been used in skin care due to its creaming and skin curing effects. Aloe vera cleanses the skin and keeps the skill to ease the skin due to the company of an agent called aloin.

Massage the skin artificial with the skin colour with the pure aloe Vera abstract at night before going to bed for improved results.

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Stages To Use Aloe Vera

Place the gel from an aloe vera leaf using a spoon.

Before you go to your bed apply the gel in the artificial areas.

Spray with deep water the next morning.

2. Green Tea Extract:

Green Tea has compounds that can reduce the skin pigment production that result in skin lightening. Research also covers the fact that skincare products with green tea make the skin smoother and more hydrated, thus confirming the potential benefits of green tea in terms of evener skin tone.

To use green tea:

Boil some water and deep fry it in a green tea bag for 3 to 5 minutes.

Dispose the tea bag from the water.

Squeeze the tea bag until it is saturated and wipe the tea bag across your dark spots.

This is done daily until one gets the desire results


We trust in natural treatments for skin problems. Lemon juice has bleaching goods and vitamin C that support the formation of black spots on the skin. one must first try putting lemon juice on the skin and then wash it to see if it causes rawness. One skin mask that is commonly used for payment skin is the combination of honey and lemon whereby honey has clean properties while lemon has easy properties.


Q. Is the use of lemon juice safe for the skin and for people of all skin types?

A. Lemon juice is not suitable for all skin types because of its high acidic content and which can sting on application. To make sure about the understanding level and always do the patch test while using it on your face.

Q. I can use lemon juice for dark spots thrice in a week.

A. It is good to use lemon juice for dark spots two to three times per week. They are known to be abused and this should be avoided in order to stop skin rash and sensitivity to sunlight.

Q. It is suggested not to leave it on the skin overnight

A. Since it may cause peeling off the skin in the morning. Lemons Juice can be applied at night by thinning the lemon juice as it can be left on the dark spots for an entire night.

Q. What are the consequences of its use on the skin?

A. Some of these side effects are as follows: erythema, inflammation, and photosensitivity. If the treatments covering lemon are going to be used in a day.

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